• I’ve spent hours/days researching but I’m getting contradictions in Aerofly 9 operation specs. In the instruction manual it tells me one thing…….

    But the Forum tells me another thing……

    So which is it?

    The instruction specs would require a Mac Pro 5,1 (2010-2012) with a high volume graphics card. But you’re lucky to fine one that is OS 10.12 or higher. The App Store app say the minimum requirements of OS 10.13. Which, my old computers (iMac 27” & Mac Book Pro 13”) have. But, the app will not open and I can not install Graphic cards in these computers.

    The Forum specs says “All iMacs, MacBooks and Mac Mini’s that support the Apple Metal graphics Interface. This applies to nearly all Mac computers manufactured since 2015.”

    I went to the Apple Store yesterday and they said nothing past 2020 has the graphics anymore. You have to buy a $5000 tower to get graphics now days.

    So, what should I buy to run this new app?

    Is there anyone out there successfully using a Mac Book 13”????? If so, what YEAR and SPECs?

    I don’t mean to complain but this is really frustrating.