AI Sharpened Scenery Images

  • Hello everyone.

    I'm very happy with FS4 especially since I replaced the scenery images with FS2's which are much sharper. I also recently tried an online AI image sharpening tool and I was wondering if it would be feasible to apply it on FS2's scenery images (the ch folder to start with) and use them on FS4 without any hiccups.

    I recently got a modern mid range desktop computer and while I'm no coder, I do have some time to learn and have done small stuff like setting up the printer in early linux versions back in the day.
    If any of you can guide me via PM or here on this thread on where to start and what programs I need to convert the simulator's "TrueType collection font file" to regular format images and back, I would be very grateful. Maybe there's a tutorial already somewhere you may know about?

    If you have any tips or comments on this little experiment, I would appreciate it since I only have a vague understanding of how the simulator works under the hood. For instance, I wouldn't know what would happen if suddenly the scenery image files are multiple times larger than original. Would it be better to use a Hi-Fi layer and Lo-Fi layer if the sim supports it? In any case, I'm comfortable with trial and error.

    PS I've tried other simulators and this is the best in terms of fast loading and restart times and visual range. I know it doesn't cover the world as other do but what it covers it covers well. If we can pull this off it would be a big leap in terms of quality and we can make it available here, too.