Motion rig and telemetry

  • I am posting something from steam, but I have the same issue.

    Do you plan to increase the output rate of telemetry for motion simulators?

    The current output rate of 1 to 10hz is far to slow for motion platforms. There is a community of over 30k users with motion platform software like Sim Racing Studio, SimTools, or FlyPT Mover that would love to use Aerofly FS4 on their motion platforms; however, the existing rate of telemetry is too slow and results in jarring motion.

    Though the initial reason for FS2 was it wasn't intended for motion simulators; the community has grown and is confused why Aerofly FS 4 telemetry output is so slow. This is the only flight sim / racing sim game with this particular issue.

    Please update the rate of telemetry output for motion simulators and other peripherals like force feedback yokes so the community can begin to recommend Aerofly FS 4 as a real option when it comes to flight simulators.


  • Your request for an increase in the telemetry output rate for motion simulators in Aerofly FS 4 is understood. Sharing this feedback with the developers can help improve the simulator for motion platform users. Keep expressing your suggestions for a smoother and more immersive experience in future updates.