City lights

  • Hello Everyone,

    i wanted to inquire if there is any way to adjust the city lights spawning at a greater distance during night in Aerofly FS4?

    I noticed that the city lights only spawn perfectly when i start a new flight from any airport. Looks great so far and even at the far horizon the lights can be seen but flying past these areas, the new city lights become visible only at around 8 or 10 nautical miles. So while flying at around 34,000ft everything in the distance is in darkness and only the cities or towns just bellow the plane has lights visible.

    This is not the case in Aerofly FS2 for example with the ORBX Netherlands addon or the Lights across China scenery addon.

    In FS2 lights always seem to load at great distances.

    Can this be adjusted in any settings? or does it indeed cause any performance issues?

    I could not find another thread before posting this one here.


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