• Speaking of which, I tried to simulate flying to the NDB station in a crosswind. For this, the BER waypoint had to be kept in the middle, since the NDB cannot be tuned on the Ec-135. The result is the "dog curve" (I don't know if this is the name in English or not), where the helicopter ends up flying in headwind.

  • Gee great news😎

    Version iPadOS.

    Page 2 of the nav page works, here I have the Basel NDB BS on 376.00 tuned in on a spin from Grenchen.

    See the white single arrow for the ADF on the right seat HSI/‘rmi’ (the main blue hsi needle shows Grenchen VOR from). Left seat has the Grenchen and the Basel BLM VORs displayed.

    There is a strong westerly wind and about 10 degrees west of the track was a good heading for a straight-ish flight.

    All out troubles are so far away…

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  • NDB Bearing Tracking:

    • When necessary to follow a course directly to or from an NDB while making necessary corrections for wind:
      1. After the course has been intercepted, maintain the heading that corresponds to the Course To or Bearing From the station
      2. If a 10° course devision is indicated (off the nose of tail relative to the needle) then re-intercept by beginning with a change toward the "head" of the needle that is 20°
      3. Maintain the intercept heading until the angle of deflection from the nose or tail is 20° and then turn to a new course heading by taking out half of the intercept angle
        • This new heading is the new relative bearing
      4. If the aDF needle deflects toward the nose or away from the tail, re-intercept by beginning with a 10° change in heading (intercept heading) toward the needle deflection
      5. Maintain the intercept heading until the deflection angle equals the intercept angle (deflection = correction), and then turn back to a new course heading by taking out half of the heading change
      6. Note that larger correction angles can be used if the wind requires