Aerofly RC 10 upgrade path for MacOS users

  • I see you are releasing Aerofly RC10 on steam dual licensed for MacOS and Windows. And also that Aerofly RC9 Windows users can upgrade to RC 10 at a discount.
    Will you have an upgrade path for MacOS users who have purchased Aerofly RC8/9 on the App Store? How would it work?

    Specifically, I have Aerofly RC 7, 8 & 9 licenses from the Apple App Store. Will I be able to purchase a discounted Steam RC10 license?

    I am really looking to Aerofly RC10 - thanks for your hard work.

  • Providing an upgrade patch for the Mac App Store version as well as the Steam version is probably not possible as these platforms don't really offer such features.

    The main advantage of the Steam version of aerofly RC 10 now is that you get both platforms ( actually 3 with Linux ) and can use it there.

    But a discount isn't possible if you purchased a previous version on other platforms.

  • You guys have to do what makes sense for you and I really appreciate the fast and clear response.

    Likewise, I have to decide whether it is worth purchasing Aerofly RC 10 at full price, given I have already have RC 7, 8 and 9. It is a harder decision to make than for windows users.

    But in any case, I’m really pleased you are still actively improving Aerofly RC. It is good to have the option.

  • Hey good news - there is an effective upgrade path for MacOS users at the moment.

    Although Aerofly RC 10 is not sold at a discount for Mac users who have RC9, it is sold cheaply on steam. As far as I can understand:

    130 Euro Aerofly RC 10 on Steam (Full version) - can't be upgraded to RC11, works on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

    199 Euro Aerofly RC10 from Ikarus (Full version) - windows only, can be upgraded to RC11 in the future.

    119 Euro Aerofly RC10 from Ikarus (Upgrade from RC9) - windows only, can be upgraded to RC11 in the future.

    This is a lot cheaper than the 199 Euros I feared - and at only 11 euro more than the Ikarus upgrade from RC9, seems like good value for Mac users looking to update to RC10.

  • My understanding is that the Steam version is a cut down version and you have to buy both expansion packs to get the equivalent of the full version bought directly from Ikarus. This makes it much more expensive to buy on Steam.

    However you look at it Mac users are getting a raw deal - no upgrade price from 8 to 9 and now no upgrade path to 10.

  • No, I included both expansion packs in that price. I don't know exactly what the euro prices are - but if they are the same discounted rate I'm seeing in Australia it will be something like 60 euro for the sim, and 35 for each expansion pack. This means MacOS users will be paying only 10-15 more Euro than the windows users who upgrade from RC9. That's not too bad I think.