• Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    The 737-500 is only 8 feet shorter than the 737-300. Many liveries have been created for the 737-500 where the actual operator flew the 737-300 and not the 737-500. Fun fact: Delta flew neither after the Northwest merger but I still love the livery!

    This brings me to my main point:

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flew many 737-300s so why not create an older ('90s dark blue stripe) livery for the -500? It would definitely complement the upcoming 737-900 well and greatly improve the user experience. Also, since the Northwest A320 is included, why not add the KLM 737 because it would allow us to fly the common types seen during the KLM-Northwest Joint Venture. Why not include MSP because of the Northwest and Delta planes we have?

    Also, any word on whether the easyJet A320SL, updated Qantas A380, and Air France new livery A320 wingfence liveries will be added? I don't ask for much but I've been wanting these for the past seven years of using Aerofly so I would ask that my wish is granted. I've loved these sims but still wish for these liveries.


    Please comment with ideas and your thoughts. I'd love to hear!

    Kind regards and safe flying.