Wishlist for Aerofly FS 5

  • Hi...

    I am actually an X-Plane user but I think that FS 4 has a lot of potential.

    The current features are developed in a very solid way. The devs are clearly experts in aviation and programming. The foundation is really really good. Great performance, great cockpits, beautiful graphics, very good physics.

    I think what is missing a little bit is the complexity. Why not make more of this beautiful sim?

    If you could add the following features, it could become a medium complexity alternative to X-Plane and MSFS:

    - Allow payload and fuel weight to be adjusted

    - Allow basic weather adjustments like 2 or 3 cloud layers, 2 or 3 wind layers etc.

    - Increase FMC complexity by about 10%. Add progress pages, implement DIR TO, make the whole F-PLN editable without bugs (currently editing the flightplan in the FMC is not correct, waypoints are inserted at the wrong locations, cannot delete STAR/SID waypoints etc. etc.). Do this for all the important airliners (A380, A320, B777, B787, B747, CRJ).

    - Add pushback (I saw this is already underway)

    - Add VATSIM support. Liveries not needed at first, you can use some default liveries.

    - Maybe allow users to stream higher quality textures

    Goal should not be to become a second X-Plane or MSFS, but a nice alternative with high performance, good graphics and a medium complexity.

    I am looking forward to FS 5!

  • By the way, I don’t think Aerofly FS 5 will appear before Global Streaming finished. And, there’s a lot of a lotta work

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