• Hello,

    When I was using autoland on the Concorde, I fully set configured aircraft and followed steps the tutorial. However, I stalled using V/S, VOR LOC, and LAND modes with RAD mode enabled on the HSI. When AP 2 was activated, the aircraft automatically pitched up to over 22.5º and idled which caused a deceleration to 115kts until I intervened with a go-around with reheats. How do I fully configure autoland so I can correctly use it without stalling? I have no problems with landing manually but enjoy the challenge of setting up an autoland.

    One day in the future, I'd also like to see the Concorde have cold-and-dark functionality implemented.



    Please share your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to hear them!

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • I have had this happened to me a couple of times.

    I believe one of these happened:

    1. You didn't intercept the g/s so the plane tried to keep the height while decelerating.

    2. You didn't engage autoland properly (both autopilot, proper COURSE selected in both selectors, ILS frequency being correct in both selectors aswell, etc)

    If not any of these cases, maybe the airport ILS you tried it on is bugged. I have found a couple that aren't really working aswell.

    It would help to know the details: AIRPORT, RUNWAY, ILS FREQUENCY USED (and procedures followed detailed 1 by 1) so we can try to replicate it and see if we have it happening aswell.

    Aviate, navigate, comunicate. Keep the blue side up! (wink wink)

  • The landing heading was selected with the course and HDG bugs

    My altitude was set to the final approach fix with ALT ACQ mode on

    ILS frequency was also set on both sides

    AP1/AP2 as well as INS, IAS ACQ, and LAND modes enabled

    Airport: Rome Ciampino (LIRA)

    Runway 15

    110.8 VOR frequency

    Kind regards and safe flying.