More Love for the Dash 8 Q400???

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    I had complained of "glitches" before but realised that many aircraft share the problems I mentioned, so I don't really care anymore. Instead, I have one simple request (two actually):

    1) Will the A380 have 6 wingview cameras again? The rear right camera was removed and the rear left one is improperly labelled (wrong button assigned to camera)

    2) DHC-8-400: Great system depth in the cockpit, but:

    -There are only 6-7 liveries (Austrian, Flybe, 3x Horizon Air, Sata, Skywork), so can we have a few more?

    - Examples could be Qantas Link (HUGE OPERATOR, we need more Australian exquipment), Luxair, Eurowings, Air Canada Jazz (new), WestJet, airBaltic, and Porter. I haven't seen many people being interested in the Dash 8 and this may be a reason why. We need at least the Qantas Link and Luxair liveries.

    -Wingviews: We only have 3 wingviews. These are the forward left/right, and centre right. Can we please have 6 wingviews so we can see from the aft of the aircraft? It isn't fun to only look back towards the wing. Also, even the Ju-52 has 6 wingviews and that's a smaller aircraft. (Concorde also does and the wings aren't that different looking from different perspectives)

    I've had an issue where I will run down to 200kg fuel during the climb on the Dash 8 and then the aircraft will not consume more fuel. I also have error messages reading „Engine 1/2 OIL PRESS." How do I load fuel levels so the aircraft won't run out? I couldn't find anything in the tutorials so I am completely confused.

    Please share your thoughts in the comments. That would be much appreciated!



    Kind regards and safe flying.


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