• Making this thread to ask this question as I haven't found anything online. I noticed that the 777 is completely quiet when on the cockpit. Turning on the batteries, GND Power, APU, nothing creates any sound in the cockpit. There's no sound of ventilation or anything as I was expecting. The engines do create some noise but it is very quiet in the cockpit. The game is not muted (With the Q keybind), audio is going through the correct device as I can hear the game (For example I can hear the APU when in external view).

    The A320 and 737 for example have the noises of the fans and so on, but not the 777 for me. I have only tested in VR as it's all I fly. Is this just me and is there something I can do? I have also reinstalled the game, just wish I had louder noises in the cockpit.

    Thanks in advance!