Aerofly FS Global Now Released for iOS and Android!

  • Aerofly FS Global is now available for Android and iOS:

    Aerofly FS Global - Apps on Google Play
    Fly around the world with Aerofly FS Global Flight Simulator
    ‎Aerofly FS Global
    ‎Aerofly FS Global is a highly realistic Flight Simulator in PC-quality for your mobile device for beginner and professional flight sim pilots. Explore the…

    Please see our Aerofly FS Blog entry for details:

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    December 4, 2023 at 11:12 AM

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    Why is it called Aerofly FS Global and not Aerofly FS 2024?

    With Aerofly FS Global we're trying to break the cycle of releasing a new mobile version every year. That's why it's not called Aerofly FS 2024 which would suggest another one would just come along next year. Instead we are trying out a new pricing concept which, if successful, will allow us to stay with Aerofly FS Global for much longer and supply it with updates and additional content and features over time. This has many benefits such as increased visibility in the App Store and Play Store, reduced workload on our side, reduced time to get new features out because the review process is shorter than for an all new app.

    We will need to see if our new pricing model is sustainable long term
    and if it is then this means for you:

    • No need to purchase the same in-apps aircraft every year all over again
    • Major updates to the sim are possible throughout the year
    • New aircraft can be released throughout the year
    • New airports can be added much easier

    What's new in Aerofly FS Global?

    Aerofly FS Global has more aircraft and more features:

    • Global Scenery Streaming (see below)
    • Pushback is available for airliners at any time when you come to a full stop, like in front of a terminal building but also on any taxiway or apron. There is a dedicated driver view and outside view centered on the vehicle. Pushback can also be selected from the location menu.
    • New Boeing 737 NG (737-900ER) aircraft added
    • New hand made airports added, e.g. Dubai!
    • More hand made missions added
    • Many improvements and fixes thanks to your community feedback

    Global Scenery Streaming

    Aerofly FS Global now has a Global Scenery Streaming service that downloads your scenery as you are flying over it. Unfortunately this service is not free because it creates running costs on our side for each user.

    • Airports and scenery all around the world are available
    • Scenery that you have not visited yet is streamed (downloaded) to your device storage and cached for later
    • Scenery that you already have downloaded does not need to be downloaded again and may even be available even for offline playing
    • No need to (re-)purchase individual regions individually each year
    • No need to download 10s of GBs just to fly in a new region
    • Less storage space on your is occupied compared to previous version
    • Updates to the scenery happen automatically

    Our intention is to offer Aerofly FS Global Scenery Streaming service as a in-app purchase in advance for a fixed duration such as 1 Month, 3 Months or 12 months. We call this a pre-paid service and we offer discounts on some of the long-term options. In the future we may also offer a subscription service with "auto-renew" enabled, i.e. a monthly subscription. In the Store unfortunately both of these options are are just called "subscription" which can be confusing. So please check if "auto-renew" is active (subscription) or if "auto-renew" is not active (one-time purchase, pre-paid) before you decide for an option.