• Hello,

    Since FS Global is released and longer flights are now possible, can time skip be modified?

    Here are some things that annoyed me:

    1) No way to use a slider to specifically navigate to a certain point (ex. T/D)

    2) Using time skip on long flights from 500nm from the arrival airport teleport the aircraft to short final

    3) Each time the skip is used, the aircraft climbs 1000 feet quickly and automatically, leading to deep stalls if above 40,000 feet

    So, can we get a time-skip slider similar in form to the replay menu and remove the 1000-ft climbing bug?

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Each skip time bound is 10% of the total distance.

    So I force myself to note the total distance before takeoff to be sure not to use skip time one more time too much.

    (I hope my English is not too bad today)

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