How do I Land Smoothly on iPad Pro?

  • Hello,

    I just bought an iPad Pro today, and it is much heavier and larger than my outgoing iPad Air. How do I adjust to land smoothly and on centreline? (I could do -25fpm landings before) Right now, I've been drifting slightly left and landing at -300fpm? Does anyone have any tips for tilt functioning?

    Also, is there a chance that there could be an option to make the UI as large as in FS2/2019/2020/2021?



    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Thekingbuji333 December 10, 2023 at 12:33 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “How to Land Smoothly on iPad Pro” to “How do I Land Smoothly on iPad Pro?”.
  • I usually use mobile in bed! My elbows are supported so I hold the pro a few inches/few 2.54 cms above my gut.
    The tilt sensitivity button is right against the right side of ‘low’.
    My forefinger tips are half way up the sides and the power plug is a handy weight reliever for the right side.

    Button size is big even with the 11.9" pro. It helps with slider consistency.

    For a lifelike perspective in the cockpit I zoom in much more than most other users seem to like, in the Baron the basic 6 instruments are one third of the screen width.
    Low tilt sensitivity suits me, there is quite a bit of yoke movement for a given response in real life so it fits in well.

    To land on the centreline get line-up stabilised by 500 feet, very frequently change your cross wind, it helps with the unhelpful fake solidity of the sim wind. I don’t want to land softly, there is no peripheral vision and no micro-texture in our simulated cockpit view to give us lifelike height awareness so trying a greaser often results in me ballooning back up again. A considered arrival gradient is a goal, I try to smoothly flare to an attitude checked on the instruments especially with the bigger planes, when I don’t it usually is a mess. 150 fpm or more descent rate on wheel contact is fine, the shock absorbers take it or the Cessna legs bend. With large transport planes you are expected to land on or near to the calculated touchdown point, performance and safety need a deliberate contact not a safety margin destroying float or the moronic ‘butter landing’ beloved by YouTube ignorant commentators. Ryanair get it right.

    You get used to the weight.