Aerofly FS Global for iOS Version 1.0.14

  • Dear Aerofly GS Global iOS users,

    we have uploaded a new version to the App Store for testing purposes. We would like to gather more information on the hardware being used and possibly any crashes. To opt into this temporary public beta please use this link. You require the TestFlight App on your iPhone or iPad for it to work.

    Please provide feedback in this thread if possible.

  • I tried flying this morning after the previous update, and still the game still crashed for me, I'm using an iPad 8th gen. Gonna try updating with this update and try again. I'll reply to this thread if I have any feedback.

    Also, should I try the non-beta version and then the beta to see if something changes?

    Just FYI, I had the option to change the Pixel Density this morning. Any change to this setting didn't matter, the game still crashed in any setting.

  • Okay, just tested the Beta in my iPad 8th gen, at the moment I haven’t experienced any crashes, tried landing with the A320 at SFO during daytime and nighttime, didn’t crash, especially at nighttime, where it would almost always crash for me, I only tried flying with 60% Pixel density, i don’t know if I should increase it.

    Also, I couldn’t restore the purchases I made, these being some aircraft and Global scenery, is this intended to be this way?

    Not related but, I noticed the localiser for the ILS for runway 28L at SFO was quite off to the left. I don’t know if this happens on the other runways too.

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  • Ipad9, iPadOS 17.2 (21C62)

    AF Version

    Tokyo RJTT, A320, day and night, pusback, on the runway, in the air and the airport in sight, crash. Ec135 also, without pushback.

    Edit: With minimum settings and after device restart it works brilliantly. New post sent.

    Ec135 Biel-Grenchen flight without crash. (At Grenchen I saw an unlit Cessna taking off. :()

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  • Did you manage to get Global Scenery Activated in the beta? Because I couldn’t do it.

  • iPhone SE 2022. Everything seems ok with no crashes, except for the “inactive” sign on global scenery, even if it’s actually active. Anyway there are too few buildings in the world. Flying over Dubai is really desertish, and so is New York. Is there any chance to have more buildings?

  • Thank you very much for the update! On my device (iPad Air 5) I now finally have 3d buildings. It evens works when having the highest graphic settings activated. Sometimes the FPS drop down to around 30 FPS but this is not a problem for me. The night lights still work for me and I haven’t experienced any crashes on my device yet. I am very happy having 3d buildings now, it looks incredibly good!

    Thank you!

  • IPad Pro 11 inch 2018 model with A12x chip. Running well with 60fps most of the time except on the ground. KLAX at 100% pixel density gives 60fps except looking towards high concentrations of buildings with static aircraft drops to 40ish fps. Night lighting is back and looks great. Not many autogen buildings away from the airport which is no different than before the update.

    No crashes as of yet except sometimes freezing when changing pixel density in graphics settings which requires restart.

    Edit: Global scenery says inactive but works in game.

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  • iPad Pro (12,9 Zoll, 5. Generation), M1, Modellnummer MHR83FD/A, A2461, iPad OS 17.3 Developer Beta

    Alle Flieger, Global Streaming, bisher keine Crashs, alles auf Max/Ultra, fast überall 60 fps, Genial!

    All planes, global streaming, so far no crashes, everything on Max/Ultra, almost everywhere 60 fps, awesome!

    Same results with iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Win10-x64 | ASUS X370Pro | Ryzen 5 1600X | G.Skill 16 GB DDR4-3200 | 2TB SSD Samsung 860 | ASUS RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6 |
    ASUS ROG Swift Curved PG348Q 100Hz | TM T.16000M | CH Pro Pedals | CH Flight Sim Yoke | Oculus Rift

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  • iPad 10th Gen, the sim runs very smoothly, no crash experienced so far. Flew over London with B739,full clouds, 100% pixel, night lights, sunset. Noticed also London buildings(like London eye or city center skyscrapers). FPS drops from 60 to 20/15 for few seconds in very demanding sights but I think it is ok. Noticed also the Global sub inactive even though it is actually active. I will continue to fly and give feedbacks.

  • I don’t know what a lot of people think but I can tell you right now. This app is going places it’s going to be amazing especially for mobile. It’s groundbreaking. There are a few flight Sims for mobile but there’s nothing like this guys. Patience. Promise it’s only gonna get better from what I’ve seen from FS? They’re always inviting and they are doing such a great job it’s brand new I just wanted to put my two cents in and say thanks for making a global fight that is desktop quality. I can’t even imagine six months from now what this is gonna be like I’m excited for the future. Keep up the amazing work. I live in Alaska and I already understand the flat terrain up here I get it satellites typically don’t orbit this high so you can’t get the topography and I’m OK with that but because I believe in this app and love it and have been with you guys for day one I’ll go ahead and turn on my report when crash option and I don’t do that for anybody. I don’t even Apple for you guys 100%. I’m so happy with this update.

  • Not related but, I noticed the localiser for the ILS for runway 28L at SFO was quite off to the left. I don’t know if this happens on the other runways too.

    The real world localizer has an offset on the left runway. There are several airports in the real world where this is the case.