• Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I have to say that this is a very realistic simulation game, I want to make the cold cabin startup more realistic, so I want to modify the cold cabin startup logic of some aircraft! I added fuel judgment logic to some aircraft ignition codes, such as <[logic_and][Engine1ManualStartEnabled][]

    <[string8][Input][ Engine1StartSelected.Output Engine1MasterSwitch.Output EngineAutoStartSwitchOff.Output LeftForwardFuelPumpOn.Output LeftAftFuelPumpOn.Output LeftCenterFuelPumpOn.Output ]>

    >>> I have a question about this situation. On the 777 and crj900, after I used this new code, the starter valve closed after turning off the fuel pump during ignition. However, in the 737ng and 737-500, using the same code, why does the engine continue to run after I turn off the fuel pump? How to shut down the starter after turning off the oil pump during starting??(

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  • In the real world aircraft can be started without fuel pumps running. The fuel flows mostly due to gravity. But the engines themselves also have a high pressure fuel pump which pumps as long as the engine is rotating.

    The code may not be working because there are two start methods implemented. One is a manual start and one an automatic start. During automatic start the FADEC controls operation of the starter and fuel. During manual start pilots select the starter to run and then introduce fuel manually at the right time. Depending on the aircraft one method may already be active so regardless of your second manual start condition the auto start may also be active.