• Whenever I use the time skip, the autopilot automatically set new altitudes. This would not be a problem, if the airplane (after the skip) would not try to climb to said level with 6.000 ft/min. For the A380 the new FL is always FL430, way too high for the A380.

    Nonetheless, I love the game and think it deserves much more praise. Is there a way to make a donation? Seeing other mobile flight sims charging 90€/year, I would like to donate something to the developers.

    Happy new year

  • It’s a historical Skip Time issue.
    It also adds 1000 ft at the MCDU Cruise Altitude.

    For the A380, at your last jump in time, prepare to perform an immediate FL380 open descent.

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  • Thanks a lot! Still quite a bummer, caused me some issues now on the B777-300er entering stall situations. Even thoug already being on FL430 the airplane decided to adapt a V/S of 6.000. Apparently heading for the moon 😂😂😂

    Maybe a maximum flight level could be programmed to the sim?