• Just did a test flight in a F18 at 1600 ft agl over my HD scenery and Im getting smooth 60 fps using a Nvidia GTX 960 GPU (Nvidia driver 21/06/2020 newer drivers cause crashes, desktop PC running Win 10.

    FS 4 set at resolution 1920x1080 60 Hz, Vsync On, Open GL and quality set at Ultra.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

  • Have you gone through your motherboard book to examine every single hardware setting as it might be some apparently trivial change or add-on that is mucking your computer up. Other forum users have had no problems with your chosen graphics cards so see what PC software or hardware options are running. If you have no motherboard book you can probably download one.

    Go through the motherboard book from end to end. Check which slots your RAM chips are placed in, it can be done badly, did you buy add-on ram yourself? Check your graphics card’s pci express x16 slot and what other pci devices it has set up, do you have shared hard drive or audio or internet IRQ clashes with your graphics card? Did a ‘friend’ adjust or expand your PC?

    Has your CPU been overclocked? Was it done competently? Are you running a sata drive off a secondary slower socket? What else is sharing your solid state drive’s data bus? Have you fitted all the extra power supply plugs to your motherboard and graphics card, are you stretching the PC’s power supply?
    Is your PC compatible with showing 4K blue rays or streamed media? Is it adjusting your PC component’s performance to ensure reliable anti-piracy encoding?

    Is your windows installation an upgrade over an earlier version of windows? they can be unreliable. Was your BIOS ever upgraded, it can go wrong. Are your cooling fans adjusted or in original configuration?

    Does your PC have bloated software provided by the ‘manufacturer’ to ‘help you’ and ‘make things easier’? Has your Windows been inappropriately adjusted for power and performance? Do you have mouse, keyboard or joystick recognition problems?

    Is there an advanced PC settings utility perhaps tested out a long time ago?

    My eternal P.C. is ancient so I’ve missed out anything new from the past ten years. It would be nice if you could try installing Aerofly on a different PC to see if your problems vanish, especially so with your past graphics cards fitted.

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