A low altitude flight in Hungary

  • I tried to plan a flight between two non-airport points in the Navigation menu. The starting point is Gesztely, a small village east of Miskolc. Arrival at Kápolnásnyék by Lake Velencei. In between, there is a waypoint, Ceglédbercel. Thus, the fligt runs between LHBP TMA and LHKE MTMA.

    I put the points on the map by touch. This must be done in reverse order: Arrival, waypoint, departure, otherwise the Ec135 autopilot will go in the opposite direction on the route. Don't let anyone ask you why. The route altitude of 11,000 ft cannot be rewritten, but regardless of this, the autopilot's ALT, ALT-A functions can be used to maintain any altitude.

    The autopilot keeps the route nicely.
    Ec's autopilot in AF Global no longer accepts ANY "tilt" commands. The device can be moved, this bug has been nicely fixed. The double touch bug has also been fixed, it is currently better than it was in AF2022.

    At the end of the flight, the autopilot began a turn.

    The flight


    The former Russian military airport in Mezőkövesd with a runway of 80*3500 meters is called Klementina. It is now extinct, overgrown with weeds.

    Waypoint Ceglédbercel.

    Another memory from the past, the military airport in Kiskunlacháza next to Csepel island. Today's name is LHKK, civil sports airport.

    The arrival.

    Finally: Granted, it wasn't a transcontinental flight, but I had fun with it. :)