• Morning, I wonder if my device is capable of running aerofly fs global , it's a mi 12 pro with an 8g1 CPU adreno 730 and 12 gigs of ram, I know people who have way slower devices run the sim well, my doubt stems from the fact I can barely run aerofly fs 2023 at 20 FPS at max graphics qhd at SFO . I know someone who has a dimensity 1080(which is considerably slower than a Snapdragon 8g1) run the sim at max graphics at 30 FPS which seems very odd relative to my CPU

  • ive adjusted my resolution to fhd, and get about 28-30 fps in ksfo but only 22 at klax, i dont think ill be able to run fs global at high with 100 percent pixel density.

    does pixel density have a greater effect than resolution, or are they both the same considering reducing either one of them will reduce the amount of pixels being displayed

    please help admin