Number of outdated liveries building up for A320

  • Every other livery for the A320 is either old, replaced or from a dead airline and would love some new paint to be put into it. Obviously bug fixes are important at the moment but it would be appreciated if we got some updates to the liveries. Obviously some might like the old liveries kept for sentimentality so in addition to that please add in the new liveries

    As you can see

    Aer Lingus - OLD LIVERY

    Aeroflot -

    Air Asia -

    Air Berlin - DEFUNCT

    Air China -

    Air France - OLD LIVERY

    Air Jamaica - DEFUNCT

    Air New Zealand -

    Air Seychelles-

    Alitalia- DEFUNCT

    American -

    ANA -

    Avianca -

    British Airways -

    Cathay Pacific - OLD LIVERY

    China Eastern -

    China Southern -

    Citilink -

    Delta -

    EasyJet -

    Edelweiss -

    Germanwings- DEFUNCT (now rebranded)

    GulfAir - OLD LIVERY

    Indigo -

    LAN - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    Lufthansa -

    Malta -

    Northwest- DEFUNCT (now merged)


    Shenzen Airlines -

    Sichuan Airlines -

    Swiss - OLD LIVERY

    TAM - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    TAP -

    Vietnam Airlines -

    Thanks Jet-Pack (IPACS)

  • I love the airBerlin livery though but hope the Delta livery will be colour-corrected. The blue is too light and the wing-fences are also blue.

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • At least the Air France and Aer Lingus liveries should be fully updated and the Qantaslink and Discover A320s should be added eventually.

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • They should keep northwest and Air Jamaica but the rest should be brought up to date

  • A few years ago, IPACS did something unusual:

    They included two liveries of the same airline for the same aircraft. These were the Lufthansa "classic" blue and yellow livery and the new monotone Lufthansa A320SL.

    Perhaps a similar tactic could be used with Air France?

    Maybe the current livery can have its sharklets removed and labelled as the "Air France classic" (F-GFKU never had sharklets anyway and has also been scrapped- hasn't been flown since 2010) and a new A320SL such as F-HEPF could be added in the "Crevette" livery. Seeing as Air France is a giant operator, it makes sense to bring it up to speed, doesn't it? The old livery dates back to 1976.

    Also, Spanish aircraft are long overdue. At some point, I'd like to at least see Iberia and Vueling A320SLs.

    Kind regards and safe flying.