747 Liveries (Assistance Required)

  • Please can somebody help me. I have tried to install the user made liveries for the 747 on AFS4, but cannot get them to work. The A320 livery for Qantaslink works fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

    Some liveries are developed for FS2 and are not compatible for FS4 due to differentiations of file structure. The way I worked around it for the A320 is:

    1. Duplicate a default livery (I used the Lufthansa one, but any should work)

    2. Download the livery (I used the new Airbus house livery)

    3. Move the files in the Airbus livery folder to the duplicated Lufthansa livery, overwrite when prompted.

    The reflections and textures could be a bit funny, and it might not work for all liveries, create a backup and perform with care.

  • Thanks, for your detailed work around. I tried your way, even trying renaming files with similar filenames, unfortunately I could not get them to display. It's probably something I am doing wrong, as I have previously seen these liveries on the 747 on the menu via youtube video's etc. Has anyone here successfully got them working in AFS4 and if so, please can you let us know how you did so, thanks.

  • Hi Qantas10,

    Here is the solution, if it helps you ;)
    Then all your liveries for the 747 should display normally.

    November 6, 2023 at 10:12 AM

    Best wishes 😉


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