• Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    Can we please have a louder seatbelt chime? (Can't even hear it on the B747, switch is too loud)

    Can we also get the high chime on Airbuses? On the A380 and A321, it follows the notes „G-D-B" for crew alert. Some small sound mixing would make such a chime or it can easily be synthesised. The normal chime is „B" and the cockpit call button is the „D-B" chime. These last two exist currently.

    I enjoy hearing it on the XPlane B737 where it is clearly audible during flight. Since cabin walls are thin, it makes sense that it can be heard louder from the cockpit. Also, I've been hearing callouts from the passenger wing views which is unrealistic.

    I also sit in row 1 on B737s frequently and the seatbelt chime is very clearly heard. The same goes for most of the other aircraft in-game.

    Please make these small changes.



    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Thekingbuji333 January 7, 2024 at 2:21 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Seatbelt Chime” to “Louder Seatbelt Chime”.
  • Well if you don’t hear the gear touching the runway you’ll end up pitching up or down which makes you bounce. So… yeah.

    Below 5-10ft you usually don't apply (significant) pitch changes. With the RA and/or RA callout that's an easy one.

    IRL you don't hear the touchdown either, nor do you feel it. An indication that you actually have touched down is e.g. the speed brake lever moving and/or the indication the spoilers have extended.