• Hi, just bought Aerofly FA Global after skipping the last 2 releases and I am blown away by the content.

    Lots of super detailed new planes, global scenery, pushback!

    I just wanted to request a new feature for the UI.

    A little 2 way trim switch. It would really help with flying and would be much more practical than what we need to do no (operate the little trim switch on the yoke with touch controls)

    I know auto trim can be turned on but where is the fun in that ;)

    Also, something to use the favorite view with the touchscreen, like dragging up/left/down on the camera switch to quickly access views we marked as favorite.

    Thanks for reading.


  • Try the Learjet, the yoke trim knob is really easy to work with ordinary touch-swipe. It greatly transforms what had been a difficult plane once all the ‘beginner friendly’ and ‘smarter than you intelligent co-pilot’ annoying assistance rubbish😠 was turned off. Trim and feel is very nice and the apparently authentic flap trim is now tamed, it used to want to run away (non cancelling accumulation) after a few approaches.

    It also benefits from a good instrument scan to check what is happening on the trim indication, nothing at all wrong with that.