• I beg you developers, please we need an H125, it is the most popular helicopter in the world.I know it's a long process to develop but please take the initiative in making the H125 the next helicopte to be added😭🙏. I love IPACS and Aerofly but as a diehard ASTAR fan I have been yearning for it to be added😫. Thanks again.<3

  • I remember a HS 125-700 and getting sim training in an old turbo jet 125 based cockpit sim. The reverse thrust levers needed a gate lift otherwise the whole centre console lifted clean off the sim booth floor … if operated by a gorilla who hadn’t been briefed properly. I must get some bananas from the shops this afternoon.

    HS 125-400 cockpit.

  • I was curious, googled "most popular helicopter" and found this.

    Than I googled "most popular helicopter in the world" and got this.

    So I am abandoning my wish for an H145, H155 or MD530, obviously by any means the next helicopter needs to be an H125... ;)