start location again

  • Hi all,

    now my airports CYVR and Japan and so where gone again and I found out whats going on.

    What happens is as soon as I deactivate "Streaming" and restart the sim for that the airports are gone.

    As soon as I reactivate "Streaming" the airports are back.

    But I need to deactivate it sometimes because there is a problem with addon images using streaming, so this won't work.



    PC: Ritzen 7 3700X, MSI AM4 board, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, SSD 1,7 TB, HD 8,0 TB, Win10-64

    SIMs: Aerofly FS2+FS4, FSXSE, P3D4.5, Xplane 10/11/12, MSFS