Ideas for improving Aerofly

  • Hello dear Aerofly developers,

    After reading this forum, I noticed that most of the ideas for the game focus only on airplanes, and few people mention other important aspects. I would like to offer suggestions to improve your game significantly:

    1. Add objects to bring the game world to life. While flying in Aerofly FS4, I constantly felt lonely because nothing else moved in the game except for planes. I suggest adding moving cars on roads and service vehicles at airports. I also propose implementing dynamic weather, as the current static conditions make the gameplay seem dull.

    2. Implement the ability to refuel aircraft. Many players on long flights face the issue of running out of fuel, so adding a refueling option would be beneficial. Players should be able to refuel as much as they need using a refueling machine.

    3. Refine existing planes. While it's great to add more planes to attract players, attention should also be given to older planes in the game. Improvements to planes like the Boeing 777, Boeing 735, A320, Boeing 747, and others would be appreciated. While I understand you update them regularly, these updates often seem minor, and many buttons on older planes don't have any functionality, which can be frustrating.

    I want to clarify that these are my personal suggestions for improving the game. I'm not suggesting you spend all your time reworking planes or adding ground transport, as I know you have many other issues to address. I hope the developers will consider my ideas at some point in the future. :)

  • I like all of these suggestions and would love to see them implement these features.Sadly,I only really see this happening in the future simulators of Aerofly.:(

  • In the next few days I will publish more addons for FS4 on with content that was once created for FS2. For example, there are aircraft movements and some train traffic for Zurich. For Chicago, extensive automobile traffic includes air traffic and water traffic. I have already published quite a bit of traffic for Hong Kong.

    When creating or adapting these addons, I always notice that the moving objects only really come into their own when I fly slowly in a helicopter in visual flight. When I fly scheduled airlines, I only take the moving objects directly on the flight.

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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