Gamepad Experience And Button Layers!

  • I wish anice and sunny day to all! With Logitech G310, Aerofly FS Global has become more realistic and impressive, I recommend everyone to use a gamepad. However, when I connect it with a USB - TypeC converter, naturally there is a slight increase in temperature, but I think it is worth it. For those who don't know, I am sharing the controller information video I found on YouTube.

    *Specially how break thinks work when you land like reversethrust or simple break!


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  • Touchpad screen still aviable. You can touch one of them an turned on. As the video ı shared on topic shows the other controls can be used with gamepad. Like ;

    +Flaps , rudder , main stick controls ,view changes etc.

    Also ı use usb converter to plug more device like ı use now gamepad and mouse together. So ı can use touchscreen for bat , lights etc. gamepad for aircraft controls, mouse for more advice button press or fmc controls.

    how do you interact with the aircraft controls such as lights, battery, spoiler, etc.!? Thank you