PAPI ILS desynchronized

  • Hello IPACS, when I do ILS and RNAV approaches, the PAPI will show mostly 3 whites, suggesting I’m high on GS. This is especially confusing with RNAV approaches as it’s difficult to decide which one to follow.

    Please fix.

    Thank you very much!

  • In the real world the PAPI angle often is not in line with the ILS or RNAV approach and this will be indicated on the approach plates.

    The issue a lot of our airports have though is that the PAPI lights are not in the correct location and because of this they appear to be wrong as you get closer. They should be right next to the aiming point and ILS glide-slope imaginary touch down point but they are often placed too close to the runway threshold. This is mostly an issue from copy pasting and needs more attention by our airport designers and airport editor developers.