Couple of suggestions to improve winds in simulator

  • I have some suggestions to improve winds as this will make aerofly very much unique to its competitors :

    1- in real life wind speeds can go upto 100 kts but in simulator we can achieve max speed of around 40 kts so wind speeds should be increased.

    2- Random turbulence option can be implemented so that we can simulate turbulences on random times.

    3- wind shear can be implemented during landings with the option in the menu so we players can select if they want wind shears or not. ( It will be great if you simulate wind shear warnings in cockpit )


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  • I would love to see different wind speeds and turbulence amount in certain areas and certain altitudes.

    Kinda like the turbulence you hit when crossing the clouds or descending through a certain altitude.

    I don’t enough about meteorology to be sure about what I’m saying tho.