Facebook group of Aerofly FS (IPACS)

  • No ipacs is not in the FB group my buddy bradley made that group back in 2020 during covid. Bradley left Facebook and deleted his Facebook account back in 2021and i helped bradley create that group so i run that group. That group was created for everyone who loves aerofly fs and for everyone who loves to fly aerofly fs. The group mainly for all AeroflyFS versions like aerofly fs 1/2/4/2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023/Global. And other previous versions like the first aerofly version known as Aerofly FS Flight Simulator.

    All though our rules in that group are very strict we do not allow people to post or send illegal copies of other aerofly versions. Its HIGHLY prohibited in that group and 1 member is caught sending illegal copies to our group chat or even post it in the group. Yes we will ban them permanently because that is piracy and we dont allow it at all! So anyone in that group that post an APK link or file or even ask for an apk file they are most likely to get banned permanently from that group.


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