[BUG] Le Bourget ILS doesn't work

  • I tried using Lebourget ILS but it wasn't shown or caotured when flying the Concorde and configuring the frequencies as usual (Yes I know how to use ILS on the Concorde. I do this all the time).

    I had to do a controlled landing using speed and VS to compensate the lack of autoland in this airport.

    Just wanted to inform IPACS Support that this isn't working.

  • Aerofly’s nav page and SkyVector frequency data is not reliable. They will not give us anything ending in .N5. For 110.55 they show 110.50. It has been like that for many years. Sometimes the numbers are way off.

    For Le Bourget try,

    ILS 109.50 on 07 (066 degrees)

    Ignore 09.

    Loc 111.10 on 25 (246 degrees runway, big offset).

    ILS 110.55 on 27 (265 degrees). Are you using the wrong frequency?