• Seems like another ILS nearby has the same frequency and is used instead

    last night i was landing at 35L LTFM and i looked up for charts and corrected ILS frequency IN FMGC but when i got established on ILS aircraft moved in completely different direction ( around 60 degree left to airport ) then i have to circle and land manually


    150000 Nautical Miles of flying done with Aerofly Global FS
    Longest Flight [VHHH-CYYZ] 15H25M 7589 NM B77W

    Bluestacks 5 Emulator

  • LFPG 26L ILS Not Working

    The frequency of „108.300" is unable to be intercepted by the aircraft and no DME indication exists. However, all other ILS at LFPG is functional.

    Also, the terrain between RWY26R and the terminals are still unrealistically hilly. When will this been fixed? It's been a year, so I would like to know if any progress will be made.

    Will these errors be corrected?

    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • Jet-Pack (IPACS) May 20, 2024 at 9:10 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “WMKK 14L” to “ILS not working”.