Broad expectancy for fuel & weather features?

  • I Wonder.. Can we at least know if this is a thing of months... Or years?

    With that we could know at least if those are going to be implemented this year or being considered by IPACS as a long "wish list".

    Wr have been asking for those for a long long time, and I guess it's normal we would like to know more of what's the state or at least the planning list position in broad terms of timing to expect it.

    Thanks in advance IPACS Support Jan

    Aviate, navigate, comunicate. Keep the blue side up! (wink wink)

  • As usual we don't announce what we are working on until it's close to release because even if we say something may take a few months or a year users will flood the forum with questions if it's ready yet, which takes away time for the actual development of the feature. And if we change our priorities and put a project on the back burner then our past experience has shown that uses get upset and the overall user reactions become quite negative which turns away new customers.

    We have many ongoing big projects to improve Aerofly FS over time and add new features to it but unfortunately I'm not at liberty to tell because of the afformentioned reasons.