Third party ATC programs (using AI technology)

  • As many know AFS4 does not include any ATC ...

    Recently other sims have had third party ATC programs (using AI technology) come to the market providing their respective sims with this functionality.

    From what I can tell, this new functionality is utilised from an application outside of the sim. I was quite surprised to find this technology has also been adapted from MSFS for XP12.

    My question to the developers is, if this is possible with the other sims, does AFS4 have the same functionality to enable such an app?

    Could we get a third party to convert their product to run alongside/with AFS4? to enable this missing feature?

  • I was thinking exactly the same. By the way, I am super happy with Aerofly FS4 and truly believe it is a new generation flight simulator. In my PC (I7 14gen - RTX4070), VR works incredible well, in my opinion the better sim for VR right know.

    Keep the good work! and I hope we can have some third party ATC in the future, if this is not added natively to the sim.

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