Germanwings Livery problems

  • Hey There!

    I’ve noticed that the livery for D-AGWT (The Germanwings A320) has some issues. I saw some people talking about it on the forum for a while now and I wanted to show yall something.
    Here you’ll notice the real D-AGWT not to be confused with the A319 D-AGWT of Eurowings. In the second picture you’ll see that the sim version doesn’t have the Gray engine livery like in the real one, you’ll also see that the real D-AGWT doesn’t have the gray cockpit window outline. I really don’t wanna sound picky and I think that there are much greater problems in the sim. I just wanted to get this some attention. So if you can fix it then great but if not it’s also okay you’re doing a great job IPACS 👏🏼