Single BUTTON/SLIDER for turning on reverse. Or a single BUTTON/SLIDER to enable pedal braking

  • My problem: during landing, I want to brake without using "Manual pedal braking", because with "manual pedal braking" the automatic brakes are turned off (or because I want to brake only use reverse thrust without "manual pedal braking")

    Possible solution to the problem:

    1) Make a button/slider for reverse/pedal braking.

    2) If auto-braking is selected, pedal braking will not be available in any case. Of course, all these innovations can be disabled in the settings.

    :/What do you think?

  • I completely use the cockpit control lever on my phone for operation, which carries risks. For example, when you lower your head, you may not be able to perceive the aircraft's status, but that is very accurate. Setting the brakes, turning on the reverse thrust, just like a real airplane, Then leave the screen with both hands and watch the plane slow down,requires some time to practice, Aerofly developers applied a lot of lubricating oil to the thrust reverser in the 2024 version, and now it is very smooth to open from the cockpit. This reminds me of the previous thrust reverser control lever, which looks like it has rusted.Sliding is not smooth, Sometimes, if you don't succeed at once, it will get stuck in a certain position and cannot be adjusted no matter what, which is a bit off topic. When discussing this issue before, it seems that players and officials have their own ideas,This requires adaptation . I would like to add that, The shortcut button scheme for xplane mobile is good, even though I have uninstalled it, I still remember