Improvements can be added to A320/a321

  • First of all is the a321’s doors. 4 door on each side are not completely the same. The emergence exit door (middle two doors) are actually smaller than the others and these emergency exits are not the same as well. Please check out the attachment.

    The call panel is also a big difference to identify it’s an a320 or a321 wish developer can add that to new a321.

    The gen 1 and 2, pack 1 and 2 will be displayed as fault when engines are off/ parked instead of bleed fault.

    Also, the parts on the flap on a321 are still not implicated.

    Finally I want to mention the cockpit window frame. Please check out the attached photo, you can see that part has been printed instead of metal color.

    I can’t wait to see these improvements update for next version and it will make Aerofly become the best sim because of its details.

  • Weight can be changed and ELEC pump as well as CFM sound could be improved along with the full implementation of A321 files such as the speed placard.

    Kind regards and safe flying.