Turboprops - Beta range?

  • I noticed there's only one way to assign a throttle control to throttle in AEFS4.

    Using the C90 I see the lever going past idle into what should be the beta range, but with no detent.

    It would be great to either have a simulated physical detent (for those aircraft that have it IRL) or a control to toggle between normal and beta range.

    Main Simulation Rig:

    Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, 1 TB & 500 GB M.2 nvme drives, Win11.

    Lenovo TB310FU 9,5" Tablet for Navigraph and some available external FMCs or AVITABs

  • On the ground it's much easier to taxi as it is right now. We've experimented with the flight idle being at idle for the physical throttle but this is not usable for the majority of users out of the box. Only people with a dedicated reverse axis with full motion would then be able to taxi properly.

    There is a simulated physical detent at flight idle. But you can obviously pull past that.

    The idle detent happens to line up perfectly with the climb detent on the Thrustmaster Airbus Thrustlever by the way...