Turtlebeach Flightdeck Throttle reaching 100% thrust at the 50% position in FS4

  • Hi,

    When accelerating in any aircraft in FS4 using the new Turtle beach Flightdeck Throttle, I am reaching 100% acceleration when the throttle is only at 50%.

    I have tried recalibrating it again in the controls settings in FS4 but made no difference.

    Has anyone else come across this problem and if so, did you manage to correct it so that 100% acceleration is reached when the throttle is at it's maximum position not at 50% ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Jan, The instant I move the throttles from the minimum position, Throttle 1 & 2 slider ( X & Y) move to 100% in the box.

    There is no way I can change the green throttles position shown in green as I already said, the settings hit 100% almost immediately.

  • I do not have the Turtle Beach set up but I am getting either zero or 100% with my Airbus TCA stick throttle. If I move it up and down a few times it almost works properly but not all the time. I might try plugging my Logitech 3D Extreme back in if it has not been fixed by the time I return from my holidays on the 4th of July. (I am heading to Vanuatu for 10 nights tomorrow (Monday) for a bit of sunshine. It is 4C at 9am here now and a bit of warmth would not go astray).