PS4 controller usage on AF22

  • Heya, Aerofly 2022 player here. Ive really been wanting to seriously play the game like pretend pushback with reversers start and shut down the aircraft engine and do complete routes but I'm having trouble with the rudder sliding back to the default position even though im holding it down with the throttle as when you land in a crosswind its obvious and taxiing it's just a very annoying problem for me as they haven't fixed it and I kept overshooting the taxiway line. I've switched to rudders off but its unrealistic because the airbrakes and aileron turns when you're tilting your device to turn. I saw that a controller is compatible with the game and its very good at taxiing but the throttle is hella slow and you can only play with cameras on the cockpit and the camera is flipped so free cockpit cam is like controlling a drunk dude. Any tips how to change cams, accelerate the throttle input or all in all just prevent the screen rudder and throttle resetting to the default position when controlling or moving both at the same time, i swear I reported this bug like a year ago or something but it still isnt resolved so I'm just asking for alternative things and I've chose the ps4 alternative.