• At least there is an OS X version of RC7 on its way: I was starting to worry that there wasn't going to be one, given the highly noticeable absence of "Mac version coming soon!" anywhere on the Ikarus websites. So many thanks from this Mac user (I just have to find my USB adapter, which mysteriously disappeared recently - hopefully not accidentally via the rubbish/recycling :().


  • I'm also looking forward to the MAC version. Just wanted to raise my voice - otherwise the developers believe it's OK to omit/delay OSX versions if nobody rants. :cool:

    But I have to admit: Aerofly is about the only decent simulator available for the MAC. So guys, please don't stop.;)
    Schönes Neues Jahr!

  • We are already working on it. We are doing some tweaks to get the best
    possible performance. We also would like to support the new retina displays.
    This does require some changes on our engine and menu code.

    And then we have to hope Apple approved our simulator, which usually takes
    another 1 or 2 weeks.

    So please be patient :)

  • We promise to be patient. We do not have a choice, do we?:p
    I use aerofly 5 almost every day, at least in the winter time in order to stay proficient with the hell and to improve my landing patterns with planes. I am very much looking forward to the Henseleit TDR and the improved physics model. He have done a tremendous work with aerofly 5.

  • At least you've been given a release date!

    Windows and Mac are incompatible and it means a lot of work for the developers to create a program that works on both systems. I think IPACS knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve that because they already did it with the aerofly5 and FS. And maybe its Ikarus who decided to release it in february, who knows?!

    So please be patient to wait couple weeks

    - Jan

  • I'm patient. But a release date is nothing I can fly with - for that, I need a piece of SW :) But jokes apart, release dates are, well, mirages, at best. This is not aimed at IPACS and/or Ikarus, this is true for the industry. But, as said, I'm patient. I just want to make it known that there ARE people here waiting for it, eager to buy it. ;)

  • Agree.
    I have been using Aerofly 5 for a lont time as a mac user and now we have to wait a year for the mac release???
    Come on..I cant wait!

    Dear sanputas, we have to be fair - it is not a year yet, that the PC version is out. I just wanted to make sure that they are aware that people are waiting, patiently waiting. OK? :cool:

  • Hallo liebe Entwickler! Wäre nett, wenn hin und wieder ein paar aufmunternde Worte in Richtung der Mac-Nutzer gehen würden. Z.B..: "Die Entwicklung schreitet voran, wir werden voraussichtlich den selbstgesetzten Termin halten können". Oder, noch besser: "die Entwicklung lief erfreulicherweise reibungsloser als erwartet, Release-Termin für die Mac-Version ist nun der 1.Februar 2014".
    So in der Art - einfach, damit man das Gefühl erhält, dass man nicht vergessen wurde.....:cool:

  • We are currently in the final testing phase of aerofly RC 7 for Mac. We plan to distribute this version on the AppStore so we still have to go through the Review process by Apple which is an unknown time factor. It could be mid february, but since it is not completly in our hands, it could also be later or even earlier.

  • Thank you very much - this is the kind of update I was looking for. I keep my fingers crossed that the review process will go smoothly.

    As we are talking: will there be different versions, like for the Windows guys? I personally would go for the most complete version, as I'm using version five at least three days a week (since it hit the market, so for several years already) and considering the amount of time I already spent with it, this is a very cheap investment. But thanks again in the meantime!