Can't go back to previous viewing position in multi pano...

  • Hi,

    I was flying the Albatross XXL in the Parker Mountain, California, USA multi pano scenery. After t/o the a/c climbed so I 'climbed' as well to the next viewing position, left and a bit higher than t/o position. Again the a/c climbed so I changed position again to the next position just left at the other side of the mountain top. And there I was stuck... I tried to find the previous viewing positions but no luck. Is this meant to be or...?
    I'm not sure if this was the case in AF5.

    Grtz., CJ

  • Can you explain in more detail what your issue is? Usually you can switch your viewing position in Multi Pano sceneries by pressing Page up/down keys.
    Sometimes, if the current viewing position is unsuitable for the current model or if no start position for this model exists, the viewing position is switched as well.

  • Thank you for your answer. The page up/down keys work perfect. The issue is when you want to change position with the mouse. Then the yellow signs with the eye are not visible anymore... Not that much of a problem but worth mentioning.

    Grtz., CJ