Problem with download.

  • Hello,

    Begin this year (february/march) I have tried to download the RC7 upgrade version.In October of 2013 I had bought AF5 version, so I can do an upgrade to RC7.
    But the download did not run:(. When I was at the Messe Dortmund, I asked one of the employees of Ikarus, why the download did not succeed. I said to me that there was a problem with the site, but now it must work. :) He said also, that if there where still problems, I could send an email to Ikarus and become the download file by email.

    So at home I send them an email. They said to send the productkey to them. I did. Then they said later in an email, that I have to make a picture of de DVD with the product key. I did that also. Then I did not here futher of them. I send again an email, to ask them what the status is of my request, and now I become the last answer of Ikarus:

    Dear sir,

    the product-Key, you emailed to us was already used for an upgrade to RC 7.. There is no possibility to use a second time, Sir.

    best regards

    Mrs. Reminder

    But I did not download it, because of the problems. Also, I did not pay, but I want to. Or is the cause of the problem, the problem with the site? Did it registered the productkey, also when the download failed? Is there no connection between productkey, payment en succesfull download?:confused:
    And now? How we go further?
    Are there other customers that do have the same problem? Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
    I hope that Ikarus have good service and will help me and onther customers with the same problem.

    Ruurd Tigelaar