RC7 poor graphics performance (FPS) compared to 5.7 (OSX)

  • Hi Guys,

    I recently upgraded from aerofly 5.7 (DVD) mac to RC7 (AppStore), in 5.7 i was able to get about 120FPS with high graphics settings, now with RC7 it sits between 20-60FPS and is noticeably slower.. I have an macbook pro retina i7 with Geforce GT 650M 1G graphics card. Has anyone else experienced with or have any suggestions on why the FPS is capped at 60 and why the performance is so much worse?

  • Do you usw the exact same graphic settings?
    The FPS get locked to 60hz because your monitor can't display a higher frequency. Any higher FPS would result in overlapping frames and even a slightly stuttering visualisation and an energy waste. If you desire this, however, you can turn off the vertical synchronisation in the graphic options.


  • I registered here for the sole purpose of confirming this. I have Aerofly RC 7 (7.0.7) and the framerate and lagging that I'm experiencing is horrible. I have a MacBook Pro i7 w/ 8GB RAM which is super swift in all other aspects.

    That's why running Aerofly RC 7 at its highest graphics shouldn't be a problem at all, but for some reason it is. I have tried other more demanding sims like CGM's neXt and easily getting 60FPS whereas with Aerofly I get 15-30FPS on the lowest settings. It can go down even lower at times.

    This is clearly not a unique problem and it's up to IPACS to fix it.

  • Starting with version 7, aerofly RC is limited to 60 FPS on Mac OS X. This is the way Apple recommends.

    As far as the performance goes, please be more specific: What are your quality settings, your scenery and models, do you have smoke enabled and do you observe the FPS in ALL sceneries or only 4D sceneries.

    Setting the Quality to ULTRA on your Mac and using 4D sceneries, the performance will be bad. We recommend to use at maximum High quality setting for a smooth framerate in photo sceneries. In 4D sceneries, depending on where you fly, it might be necessary to further adjust the individual settings to get a good framerate.

  • Well, if you really have the lowest possible settings and no smoke enabled your 3D card should easily get the 60 FPS in a photo scenery.

    Its hard to judge from you descriptions, but there might be a configuration problem of some kind with your computer. Please also check that no other software is active while using aerofly.

    You also might want to post the tm.log file as we describe in our introduction posting here:

  • An Intel HD 3000 is at the low end of what is recommended for aerofly FS. In this case please reduce all graphic settings to low and also disable smoke.
    Photo sceneries should be ok with you setup however 4D sceneries will run too slow.
    If you still only get 15 FPS will all settings at minimum please check if any other program is running in the background.

  • It has nothing to do with my monitor; I said the FPS is locked to 60 not hz.. I can run 5.7 on the exact same setup and get over 100 FPS but on RC7 the performance is not great because its locked to 60FPS and it drops lower on other scenes.. RC7 obviously has poor performance issues as 5.7 works fine. Please resolve this as i have payed money for this and I'm not happy with the product.