• I'm new to this app (been playing Infinite Flight a lot), and was wondering if you can do instant replays? If not, then that's the feature that's missing the most for me!!!!

  • I do think it's better in some respects then IF, but I'm not sure it's 'much better'! I really do like the fully functional cockpits on AF, and the physics seem to be better. In IF, pretty much all aircraft handle the same!! However the external aircraft models are much better in IF. IF also seems to have a crazy fan base, so AF probably needs to market better!!!!

    I still miss the instant replay feature!!! Very useful for perfecting those landings!!!

  • I know what you mean about replays, there have been times when I wish I had one! True, the exterior models on infinite are slightly better, but are completely let down by (currently, apparently to be improved) terrible interiors, which are probably the more important bit to focus on, since if you want realistic simulation, you will spend most time in that view. I don't think infinite really markets better than aerofly; just more people have got infinite, probably due to the large amount of planes and sceneries available. (Although aerofly is cheaper). Infinite is a smaller file size too, meaning people with 16gb or lower devices can easily accommodate it. One other thing about infinite is that, although it has a large number of planes, there aren't many different types; they are mostly quite similar passenger jet planes. There are no gliders!