Repaint models in rc7

  • Hello

    I am wondering why there is no reply here ?

    I started a repaint for the AS350 and what I did is to follow the instructions for the aerofly5.
    look here for detailed instructions:…rofly-5?p=29895#post29895

    After I got the tools, and registered (which is another interesting step :))
    see how-to here:…rofly-5?p=29922#post29922
    ... I was able to repaint the heli

    My result up to now:

    So now I got two questions left:
    1) How to get a proper preview image ? (seems a bit ridiculous after repainting the whole heli :confused:)

    I created a 1024x768 png and the conversion tool makes something strange out of it.
    It is way too bright, black color is gone ... simply put it was a lot of work to remove the background and it is rendered to unusable by the conversion tool.

    Maybe somebody has a hint for me ?

    Here is what I put into the conversion tool:

    Here is what I see in RC7:

    2) I wonder where I can put my repaint
    ... so others will be able to download it ?


  • Hey there,

    Try to use this upload adress and kindly ask the moderators to create a new category for repaints. If there is another upload adress for the aeroflyRc7 they should make it public aswell.…-Free-Downloads-hochladen

    It looks like your preview got its alpha key on the black color. Everything that is black gets transparent and the back-color of the loading window shines through. Try using a different format like .tif. (Read about how I do it here: - use google translater maybe :D )
    With that you can use a transparent background which looks much better :)

    And have I mentioned yet... Your helicopter repaint looks really cool!


  • Hello Jet-Pack

    Thanks for the very helpful hints :-)

    I guess I made some progress, and manged to save a png with transparent background.
    Still the conversion does NOT recognize the transparency info and "ruins" the png during conversion.

    I don't have metasequoia and needless to say I don't have the 3D model of the AS350.
    This is a bit frustrating and I really don't get why the preview thing needs to be such a difficult hassle grrrrr ...

    It's getting late, I will fight on tomorrow ...

    Thanks for the cheers

  • Hello again

    A new day and new ideas. Preview problem is solved !

    Here my findings:

    1) The size of the preview needs to be square e.g. 512x512px and NOT 1024x768 as mentioned in the downloadable PDF description about how to repaint !!!

    2) The graphic conversion tool which creates ttx (af5-makemaps.exe) expects a special png file named preview.png. If this is not present an error is printed through conversion (but the rest is still done). It seems this tool doesn't handle transparency info in a PNG as expected.

    The work-around and clue is to create a Tiff with transparency info and convert it like a normal texture file, as described by Jet-Pack.

    So by converting my PNG with transparency (preview_color.png) into a Tiff with transparency (preview_color.tif) and then running the "af5-makemaps.exe" to get a preview_color.ttx and finally renaming it to preview.ttx solved my problem.

    A long way, but a solution in the end.

    P.S.: Will keep you informed once the repaint is uploaded :D


  • Hi Mike,

    it took me hours to figure that out. I didn't even knew that the converters work with the .tif format. I have never used it before and barely even noticed it.
    Great that it worked for you aswell, thank you for the feedback!

    OT: I made a huge step in the process of programming my editor. It now can display 3D objects! (Not the 3D graphics objects of the sim but objects like an aerowing or aerofuselage which you can't see in the sim!) I can rotate and pan the camera, zoom in and out and I even made a perspective mode. (I am a little proud of myself - did not think that I could do that) If you are interested in a list of planned features for the editor I recommend visiting my webpage:


  • Good job Mike :cool:

  • Hello

    Another repaint draft for the AS350:

    This time the British Army Defence Helicopter Flying School (DFHS) HT.1 with # 55

    Remarks: I had to go for some compromise, as the model is slightly different from the real one (doors, windows) and texturing specifics don't allow to write the number on the front.

    Upload will hopefully be in near future ...


  • Hello

    I couldn't resist to do this Austrian HUBI-FLY Version for the AS350 for it's unusual painting.
    It was the most challenging repaint up to now and I tried my best to imitate the original (within the texturing limits of the existing model).

    See the OE-XCH in the Salzburg scenery ...

    Hope you like it.

    Remark: I was in contact with Aerofly staff meanwhile, and there should be a dedicated upload/download area for rc7 repaints soon.


  • Hello

    Repaint #8 for the AS350 is done and the last missing piece for part 2 of AS350 repaint downloads.

    "Save the best for last" is the motto for this repaint, and it took all I could think of to do this one ...
    It was the most challenging one, but without question my favorite :)

    See the Air Zermatt version in the Fassa Valley (Euromeeting) scenery:


  • Hello

    As it is so much fun and the AS350 Écureuil is used all over the world I gave it yet another try :) ...
    This time the UTAir version. UTAir is one of the biggest helicopter operators worldwide and based in Chanty-Mansijsk, Oblast Tjumen, Russia.

    See the UTAir version in scenery Wöllaner Nock.

    This UTAir version might be included in part #3 of AS350 repaints if there is enough interest for it. Let me know ...


  • Hello

    The number 10 repaint of the AS350 Écureuil is dedicated to an american rescue helicopter. The N104LN Life Net operated by Air Methods.

    Air Methods Corp. is the largest publicly owned emergency medical services helicopter operator
    in the United States, with a fleet of over 400 medical transport helicopters, as of 2011.

    Air Methods' Headquarters are located at Centennial Airport in Dove Valley, Colorado, though the postal
    designation of nearby Englewood is used in the company’s mailing address.
    (source Wikipedia)

    See the Life Net version in Bennet Field scenery.

    I am planning for another 2 repaints, which will then conclude part 3 of AS350 repaints. I have two very beautiful ones in mind, but if you are looking for a special version let me know.