FPS Display cannot be toggled by Shift+I, and how to do it despite this bug

  • Hello

    I ran into the problem, that I wanted to get rid of the FPS display in lower right corner of the screen.
    As there is not any dialog with a checkbox for this setting :( I tried the user manual. Nice to read that Shift+I toggles the display ... :confused:

    Only problem: Shift+I toggles Flight info and NOT FPS display

    If somebody runs into the same issue here is the hack to get rid of the FPS display:

    Find the file: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\aerofly RC 7\config\main.mcf

    Open it in a text editor, and change the line


    No guarantee for wrong editing, so be careful if you do this !!!


  • Hi Mike,

    sure there is a checkbox for it, you just overlooked it. In the menu bar up top on the right hand side: "Graphics" (next to "Help") -> "Show Frames per Second (FPS)" in German "Zeige Bilder pro Sekunde (FPS)" toggles the big colored FPS display on the bottom right corner.

    With Shift + I you toggle the flight information which also displays the FPS in the bottom right corner but in white text and in a smaller font size below other information like the groundspeed, height and distance.

    Modifying the main.mcf does do the same thing as the checkbox in the simulation does.
    Before editing the main.mcf do a backup of that file!


  • Hello Jan

    Thanks for correcting my wrong statement ;-)
    I was pretty sure I had seen it, and just couldn't find it any more ... and then thougth it must have been in some other sim that I saw it ...

    Still it would help to have a bit more info in the manual ... as Google doesn't help a lot either in AeroFly research ...


  • Hi Mike,

    yeah I know that feeling...

    I often get confused with the user-interfaces of the different simulators I use:
    If I play FSX for an extended amount of time, there I press the spacebar and move the mouse to look around; then switch to X-Plane where you hold the right mouse button to control the view, then over to Condor where I have it set up that you just move the mouse and than to the AeroflyFS where its the left mouse button - ahhh it confuses me every time. Worst thing is when you come from FSX and press spacebar in the AeroflyFS... boom back on the runway.

    I would love to see more options in the sims to unify the controls. The headswitch on the joystick is fine but I find using the mouse is much faster and more precise. In every simulator I miss something.