Zurich without the bumpy bits.

  • The sim remained over Galway when restarted so there was only one place to go :)

    Leaving Galway for Zurich.

    South coast of England, the Isle of Weight and Poole Harbour.

    Nothing really to see from the coast to the Swiss Lakes, dull and nothing recognisable. NDB deducting impossible.

    Zurich at sea level.

    Lake Constance/Bodensee.

    Turning inbound over Lake Zurich.

    Localiser 34.

    A bit flatter than FS

    Not much to see.

    6 mile finals (invisible) runway 34.

    The ILS auto selection is much worse than Oakland. Zurich 14 and 16 cross and going out on 140 for runway 34 brings the aeroplane into the 14/32 space. Positive and locked selection will be essential when Zurich becomes a detailed release.
    A one and a half degree compensation was added to calculated magnetic headings and seemed to work well. Maybe all the Aerofly aeroplanes need to be compass swung.
    The distance back to California seems a bit short.
    The autopilot on-off buttons placed between the minus and plus buttons do what ought to be expected, turning off all the time during adjustments.