Interest in new 4D scenery

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    Are you interested in new 4D scenery? 24

    1. No, my computer can't handle them. (1) 4%
    2. Yes, I want more 4D sceneries! (16) 67%
    3. Yes, I would even pay for new 4D scenery! (5) 21%
    4. Yes and I would like to contribute in a community project. (2) 8%

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering how many people are interested in new 4D sceneries. So please fill in the poll!

    Community scenery
    Maybe we could pull off a community project with multiple 3D designers?

    Are there 3D designers out there who would like to help?
    Please answer to this thread and tell us what you would like to create!

    We'd most certainly need:
    1. Trees, plants and vegetation.
    Those plants can be and should be low poly-count creations that are looking very realistically from medium distances. Good texturing would be the the top priority here.

    2. Houses
    From jungle huts, huts on mountains, weather stations to family and office buildings we'd need a lot of variation.

    3. Small objects
    laterns, benches, cars etc.

    My personal suggestions for scenery
    Somewhere I had a lot of drawings for some amazing looking scenery, I'll upload them once I find them :D

    Imagine a scenery with giant trees, floating mountains, gigantic structures and waterfalls where the third dimension really comes into play. Something similar to the Pandora landscape in the movie Avatar but with runways shaped into the mountain faces and futuristic looking base locations.

    Here are a few impressions on how that fantasy world could look like:
    [Blocked Image:…010016/20100127094951.jpg]

    [Blocked Image:…oads/2010/01/pandora2.jpg]

    And (at 9 min and 6 sec)

    Maybe in another area or another scenery we could have a large desert with stone pillars like in monument-valley-style but maybe extending into an area that could be the location of the Star Wars pod race with a lot of tunnels and that loop around and make for nice multiplayer races :D Racing through the rain forrest and around the branches of those gigantic trees above could be a lot of fun, too :)

    And how about a scenery that consists of hundrets of scattered islands which have helipads, runways in the backyards of the houses, swimming pools where you can land in and so on.

    I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas!